Rupt empowers companies to make a lasting impression by offering the freedom of full customization for packaging, starting with a minimum order of just 250 pieces.

With Rupt, brands have the unique opportunity to digitally customize both the interior and exterior of their product packaging, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with their brand identity.

Moreover, by tailoring the packaging to their brand, clients can enhance the second life use of the box, creating a memorable experience for their customers.

Rupt invites brands to elevate their products to new heights through our extensive customization options, beginning with a minimum order of 1,000 pieces for tech products and 3,000 pieces for drinkware and bags. Immerse your brand in a world of possibilities by customizing the color palette to reflect your unique brand aesthetics. Choose from an array of options, including custom pantones, unique colors, personalized sounds, and more.

For those seeking even greater creative expression, Rupt provides opportunities for full wrap prints, additional decoration locations, and other bespoke embellishments. With Rupt, the power to create a product that is as unique as your brand is at your fingertips. Contact Us to turn your Dreams into Reality.