ABout deskplants

Established in 2018 by Lawrence Hanley, Desk Plants has swiftly risen as a frontrunner in the realm of sustainable and customizable potted plants crafted specifically for corporate gifting purposes. Embracing a steadfast commitment to redefining the landscape of corporate gifting, Desk Plants offers a diverse array of eco-conscious branding solutions. From personalized plant selections to tailored packaging and comprehensive care instructions, Desk Plants ensures that each client's unique needs are met with precision and care.


Lawrence Hanley is the founder of Desk Plants, a supplier of truly unique, living and sustainable gifts. Lawrence enjoys finding adventures in every way he can. Whether it is his business venture, or getting outdoors and exploring a new park or city on the weekends, he is always looking for new things to discover.

After moving from Boston to Austin, Lawrence created Desk Plants with the foundational mission to bring sustainable wellness products to the desk. Although Desk Plants didn’t start out as a promotional supplier, Lawrence has maintained that core mission as the business has pivoted and blossomed in the promo space. By creating an entirely new product category in promo, Lawrence has developed a revolutionary way for companies to get long term brand visibility without needing to break the budget.

Coming from the marketing and advertising world before starting Desk Plants, Lawrence has a well rounded knowledge of how brands approach their multi channel branding strategies. Outside of work, Lawrence can be found outdoors with his dog Henry by his side!