Swanky Badger was established in 2014 when Founder, Mark Hanratty, couldn't find gifts for his wedding that would convey just how much he appreciated his wedding party. With a deep focus on personalization, Swanky Badger pivoted it's premium line into the promotional products industry in 2022, noting the need for more thoughtful and intentional gift options. 

The San Diego-based company has seen huge growth in its first two years, quickly establishing best-selling items in the barware and leather goods categories, thanks to its distinctive "Emotional Promotional" approach. And, with a give back program supporting Children's Hospitals all over the U.S., it's fast becoming a brand that excites end-users looking for new and unique ways to reward their key stakeholders.


Mark Hanratty founded Swanky Badger in 2014, three years after moving to California from his native Ireland. Like many businesses, Swanky Badger was born out of a personal need. For Mark, it was a quest to create meaningful gifts for his wedding party, who were making the 5,000-mile trip from Dublin to San Diego. 

Unable to find high-quality, highly customizable gifts online, Mark set out on a mission to solve this problem for future grooms and, as it turned out, wives, girlfriends, moms, dads and, more recently businesses all over the U.S.

Started out as a side-project, Mark decided, in 2016, to go all-in on Swanky Badger, giving up his full-time marketing job three days before the birth of his first child. 

A serious issue at birth, followed by surgery and an extended stay in the NICU, meant that Mark's first weeks as a full-time entrepreneur (and dad) were spent in the hospital gaining a huge admiration for the medical staff who worked tirelessly, night and day, to care for his son. This experience proved to be the catalyst for the launch of Swanky Badger's Give-Back Program, where a portion of every sale is now distributed to Children's Hospitals all over the country. 

Now a proud father of 3 young boys, Mark spends his time outside of work coaching his sons' soccer teams and exploring San Diego's food (and drink) scene with his wife.