Introducing the Soundview Wireless Speaker, a testament to the perfect fusion of artistry and audio engineering. Its ultra-clean design, characterized by sleek lines and minimalist elegance, is a statement of modern sophistication. With a powerful 15-watt punch, Soundview delivers an audio experience that transcends ordinary speakers.

 The built-in LCD display adds a touch of convenience to your listening experience, whether you're checking the track title or artist, adjusting settings, or simply admiring the visual harmony of sound, the LCD display enhances your journey. Soundview is more than a speaker; it's a canvas for your auditory imagination. Experience the pinnacle of design and audio excellence with Soundview – where sound meets vision.

SOUNDVIEW packaging transforms into a: SPEAKER STAND


- 15 Watts with Neo Speaker driver with rich bass
- Built in LCD display to show song and artist
- Dual EQ options
- 10 hours of playtime
- Full digital imprint on whole front face of the speaker grill and housing
- True wireless capability to connect two Soundview speakers together for stereo sound
- Siri capability on Apple devices
- Made from 100% Recycled ABS Plastic


Total % Recycled by Weight Packaging & 2nd Life Function
58% Soundview Speaker Display Stand

Audio Playtime: ≈ 5 hours Stereo Play (TWS) Battery Capacity: 3600mAh Charging Time: ≈ 2 hours Weight: 24.3oz Input Power: DC 5V/2A Range: Up to 33ft Rated Power: 15W Dimensions: 7.4" L x 3.2" W x 4.4" H Material: RABS




The Soundview speaker's packaging is an experience
in itself. Open it to reveal sides with integrated
magnets for easy assembly. Once set, position the
Soundview on top of your newly transformed speaker stand.
This packaging truly elevates the product unveiling.


At Rupt, we stand for complete transparency throughout our supply chain, particularly concerning CO₂ emissions.

Explore the genuine carbon footprint of the Soundview speaker: encompassing our production process, packaging development, transportation, and storage. Additionally, we are proud to declare that Soundview is carbon neutral through effective carbon offsetting measures.


At Rupt we're committed to showcasing the complete build of materials for each of our products. Operating with full transparency, we believe in sharing the composition of our products, emphasizing our dedication to quality. Through a meticulous material selection process, we strive to use the highest quality materials on the planet, with a focus on incorporating recycled materials to contribute to a better world.